In the writing world, every writer sees a dream to watch his content published at the top of the list on google search. And to be on the top ranking, it is a must that your information should be unique, engaging and user friendly. So if you are a person who is looking for content writing jobs right now, let us tell you some great topics on which you can write in 2023.

If Google finds your concept SEO friendly and you write on some hot and trending topics, your content will almost certainly appear in its top 10 search results.

7 Awesome Topics That Can Make Your Content Trending

You must write about some creative and popular topics if you want your content to trend in the upcoming year. Google is the search engine that uses the world’s most advanced technology to provide the best content to its users. So, if you want to rank your content high on the google search list, you must write on the below-listed topics.


1. A - Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is one of the most trending topics in the world, which every person is talking about online. It is the simulation of human intelligence by the computer system. So you should write your content on this mind-blowing topic because people may know about it, but not everyone knows complete information about it.

If you will write your content on it and around the AI concept, then there is a high probability that readers will show interest in your topic. So due to engagement, google will directly display your content in the top search list. But it is advised to use simple language in your content.

2. W - Wanderlust- Travelling

As a writer, if you want your content to be at the top of the search box google, you must understand the needs and requirements of the readers. Travelling and the term “wanderlust” is trending so much on the internet these days. Wanderlust is a term used for a person having a strong desire to travel.

So, if you wish to publish your content writing online at a ranked position, you should choose this topic for writing. Every person wants to travel or has a dream of traveling. So, if you write some travelling-related content or blogs, there is a chance that google will display your content on the top 10 sites to its users.

3. E - Entrepreneurship

In this digital era, many people want to start their businesses or startups. They want to be an entrepreneur. It is a great show that gets telecast on television named “Shark Tank”. Well, it is seen from these kinds of examples that people are no more interested in doing a 9 to 5 job and want to be their boss.

You can take great advantage of this opportunity. You can write some helpful content for the readers that gives information about entrepreneurship and something related to this concept.

4. S - Social Media Marketing

It is one of the best content writing topics on the internet. These days everyone follows social media. It does not matter whether they are using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. All that matters is the availability of people online. Social media marketing (SMM) focuses on marketing or branding a product among people.

It vanishes the traditional ways of marketing and brings a revolution in the field of digital marketing. As a writer, it is a golden opportunity for you to write about this topic because it is the hottest topic nowadays. You can give detailed information about social media marketing in your writing.

5. O- Online Etiquette

If you are a person who is looking for freelance content writing jobs, then you must show some impressive work in your writing portfolio. Usually, companies allow those freelance writers who have ranked content on the platform of Google. So if you want to see your content rank, you should write on popular and different topics.

Online etiquette or netiquette is the latest used terminology on the internet. It is the online etiquette that every person should know while communicating during online classes, chat processes etc. In this, a person should respect the opinion of others, mute the mic while listening, not type in too many capital letters, keep good intentions and so on.

6. M - Makeup & Skin Care

Beauty and skincare are one of the most popular content worldwide. Nowadays, on Instagram and Youtube, the most watched reels and shorts are based on make-up tutorials or skincare routines. So, if you are a writer and looking for online content writing jobs, you can find great opportunities in the beauty industry in which you have to write content related to beauty products or skin care.

You can also write some product reviews or give some beauty tips. There is a chance that your writing will get a higher rank in google because of the heavy engagement on your content. Youngsters are aware of fashion and skin care tips and are concerned about their looks. They will read this type of content to get more information. 

7. E - Education 

Education is the type of content that students require at this time. It is the most popular and trending topic for content writing. It would not be incorrect to state that scholars obtain educational information from website content or articles rather than books. Online classes after COVID bring revolution in the academic industry.

You can write several contents on education and provide details about courses and certificates. You can also write some blogs about top universities in the nation. These kinds of topics have a high search volume on Google. So, if you write this type of content, your words can highlight in the search box.


It does not matter how much experience you got in content writing because any write-up can rank in the google search list. This search engine mainly focuses on the quality and readability of your content. So, it is all clear to you that you can make your content rank if you consider writing on the above-discussed topics. If you wish to get the best content writing jobs, you should try to write some of your documents focused on these topics.