As a writer, it is hard for you to stay focused and motivated at a tough time. It is common to feel low sometimes, but if you want to get some motivation that helps you in your academic writing jobs, you must watch some movies and web series to relax your mind and write with a positive spirit. Many films and web series get released every year, but some iconic movies win the heart of people and help get some knowledge and lessons. As an academic writer, if you are facing writer’s block, then you should watch these eight out-of-the-box movies that can motivate you to do something creative in the writing field. 

Top 8 Movies to Get Motivation While Doing Academic Writing Jobs

It is not necessary for a writer to stay motivated all the time. There can be some days when you feel low or may face the situation of writer’s block. Whenever you are doing some freelance jobs online, you need to take a break. You can watch some great movies and web series that can relax and motivate you for your future tasks. So, let’s look at these eight best movies that can fill you with positivism.

1. Shawshank Redemption

This movie is about a bank merchant Andy Dufrense who finds that his wife cheated on him. One night changed his whole life. He was convicted of murder for his wife and her lover and sentenced to life imprisonment at Shawshank prison. His life completely changed, but he befriends some other prisoners and finds his best buddy in Red. He tried to live in his way and one day lives as the most lovable prisoner in the jail. This movie can give you motivation, as it can teach you not losing hope at any cost. The tables get turned when one day when Andy breaks out from prison and lives his life freely. This movie is a source of motivation and can teach you the true meaning of trust and friendship.

2. Rocky

It is one of the classic movies in history that can motivate you to do hard work in your academic writing jobs. It can teach you some great lessons in life. This story is about a struggling boxer. Rocky Balboa is trying hard to make a legendary boxing career. He has complete dedication and true talent, but still, he is not getting fame and success. His coach and a best friend stood up with him in all his hardships. One day Apollo Creed, the world championship winner, visits his house and asks him about a weaker opponent to fight. He got the shot against him by training hard. It can give a message to you that it does not matter how much talented you are. If you do not enhance yourself, you cannot get better results.

3. The Blind Side

If you feel hopeless while doing freelance online jobs, you must take a break and watch this legendary movie to overcome writer’s block. This movie relies on the true story of Leigh and Sean Tuohy, who adopts a homeless African-American teenager, Michael Oher. His mother was a drug addict, and he had no idea about his father. Leigh was taking good care of him. One day she found that Michael is passionate about football. She found the best coach in the town and helped him to improve his football skills. He got selected as the first-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL draft. The dedication of Michael and the support he gets from Leigh can teach you the best lessons of your life. It can fill you with optimism.

4. 3 Idiots

As a writer, if you have a passion for academic content writing jobs and believe that academics can only lead to good grades, then this movie can be a game changer for you. You may have watched this film, but the concept of this movie was unique. It is a story about three engineer friends who were poles apart, but their friendship supports them to avoid all hardships in their college life. The most lovable character Rancho can teach you is that it does not matter how many resources or skills you have in academics. You must not study for the grades or get the placements. You should complete your education to achieve the knowledge and if you have passion for something, make your bright future in that field. This iconic movie can motivate you all the time with humour.

5. Forrest Gump

It is one of the most loved movies all over the world. If you want to improve your performance in academic writing jobs and live your life with positivity, then you must watch this movie to get the motivation. It is fun to watch this film in which Forrest Gump, the main hero, is a below-average IQ person, but destiny brings him into different situations throughout the movie. He faced many problems in his life. In his childhood, he had a problem of standing on his feet perfectly, but later, he discovered that he ran faster than other boys. On this basis, he got selected for the army and saved the lives of many soldiers. He was so attached to his mother and his childhood friend Jenny. This movie also highlights hardships of Jenny. The main message from the film is that it does not matter what the situation is. If you live with positivity, your life will get full of surprises and unexpected events.

6. 50/50

It is a beautiful movie that got emotions and a willingness to live life accordingly. As a writer, if you think your job is not easy or you have some problems in your life, you must watch this film, as it will give you goosebumps. Adam, a 27-year-old boy, was living his life normally, but one day he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer - schwannoma neurofibrosarcoma. He read an article in which there is a 50% chance of his survival. This movie leads to many turns. He had the full support of his friends, family and girlfriend throughout his rough phase. The doctor who diagnosed his cancer also treated him well and filled optimism in him. The movie ends with the scene where he got out of his cancer. Later, he asked his girl on a date. It is a beautiful movie that tells us that life is unpredictable and that even in odd situations, one must enjoy life.

7. Million Dollar Baby

Nowadays, every academic writer wants to do freelance jobs online. The number of female freelance writers also increased in the last few decades. If you think that female writers also face some hassles in the writing field, you must watch this inspiring movie about a female boxer who faced many odds in her life. Maggie Fitzgerald, an aspiring boxer, wants to get trained by Frankie Dunn, the best boxing coach in the town. He refused by saying that he did not want to give training to the girls, but her dedication changed his mind. Her coach was a lonely guy having one daughter and few friends. Under his training, she not only shows her worth but also skyrockets in her boxing career, but after an accident, she requests a favour from him. It was the most emotional scene in the movie. If you wish to see a film that can make you feel all emotions together, you should watch this movie twice.

8. Taare Zameen Par

If you are facing writing block and wish to freshen up your mind, you must watch this masterpiece of Indian Cinema. It is an engaging movie in which Ishaan Awasthi, a dyslexic child, resides in Bombay. He lived like a regular kid but always got bad grades in class and faced problems in his studies. Due to his bad performance in school or his unpredictable behaviour, his father enrolled him on a boarding school. He got many hassles there and started getting depressed because of loneliness, but one day, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, his new art teacher, found that Ishaan got dyslexia. He helped him to bring out his hidden talent. This movie can make you believe that studies and grades are not the only way to live your life perfectly.

Final Word

So, these are some mind-blowing recommended movies to watch if you want to do your academic writing jobs in an effective way. It is common for you to face writing block in your career because it is natural that your mind requires a break after working continuously. The above-discussed movies can help you a lot to get the motivation that will help you do great in your freelance writing career. If you think these movies benefited you and relaxed your mind, you can also suggest these best movies to your writing community friends.