In a world where writers are struggling to find corporate jobs, on the other hand, freelancers are making money by doing freelance business writing online. It is true that nowadays, it is easy to earn a good income by freelancing in the nation because technology is so advanced now, and many freelancing platforms offer the best-paid projects to young freelancers in the country.

As a freelance writer, you should know the top nine freelance writing career options, so that you can get a desired and lavish lifestyle. These career options will not only give you a good life but also increase your experience level. You can choose one of these career options that are mentioned below for your whole life and earn the best amount of freelancing income in your life.

9 Best Career Options for Freelance Business Writing

If you wish to find freelance jobs online, there are no limitations to that process. Multiple freelancing platforms can give you the best-paid project to you, but in this article, you will have information about the top nine freelance writing career options. You can select one or any of them to live a stress-free life ahead. So, let’s discuss the best nine writing career options in the freelance industry.

1. Blog Writing

It is one of the most effective writing career options in the freelancing industry. A blog is a unique type of content that always gives freshness to the writer. You may believe it or not, but it is also one of the most required content in business writing jobs.

If you have a mastery in writing blogs, this freelance job can be the best pick for you. As a freelance blog writer, you earn income by writing blogs for specific clients or by monetizing your blog page. It is a pervasive job, and it is needed everywhere. 

2. Article Writing

It is for sure that you know the importance of articles in this world. It is a fact that even if a person does not belong to the writing industry, he must have heard or read articles in his life. In such cases, if you have the talent and efficiency to make the best articles, then not using this talent in your career is not a good move.

You can also do ghostwriting for your clients and could draft the best informative articles for their websites. Article writing is one of the oldest writing jobs in this world, but you can add up the spice by freelancing in this job in your career.

3. Case Studies Specialist


As per the name, in this freelancing career, you are required to have a specialization in writing case studies. It is one of the most specific jobs in the writing sector and can only be committed by subject matter experts having adequate knowledge about this type of content.

These online freelance jobs are the highest-paying jobs in the freelancing sector. Becoming a case study writer or specialist is not an easy job. One requires immense effort to get this job in his hand. It is also a great job because it is specific and has a vast scope in the freelance industry. 

4. Social Media Content Writing


If you are a freelance writer and love using creativity in your content, it is the most suitable job for you. Especially if you love to socialize with other people or have the skill to connect with the audience, then it is for sure that no one can beat you in this writing niche.

As a social media freelance writer, you must write content for different posts or draft original and creative content for companies. You can also join as a freelancer with influencers for their marketing content.

5. Ad Copy Writing

It is one of the most detailed forms of writing. In this niche, you will get very few online freelance jobs, but you can receive good pay for freelancing in this writing category. It is an intricate type of writing in which you have to write a few words for the ad copy, but you have to showcase your creative writing skills by using a limited amount of words. If you are good with playing words and have a good knowledge of English vocabulary, then you can do great in this field of freelance writing.

6. Script Writing


As a freelancer, you do not have any job security or a permanent project in your hands, but if you choose the correct niche for yourself, you can become a great freelance writer. Nowadays, it is not very tough to find freelance jobs online. You can easily find several jobs on freelancing platforms.

Script writing is also one of the best freelance career options for freelancers who love to write scripts. Many marketing companies hire freelance script writers to draft the best scripts or promotional content for their online videos.

7. Email Campaign Writing

It is one of the oldest methods of marketing promotions for an organization, but it is still in demand. Many companies still hire freelance writers to write email campaigns for their organizations. 

Drafting creative emails for the business will not only improve your skill, but will also help you to add some marketing tone to your writing context. If you choose this niche as your full-time career, there is a high chance that you will receive good pay in future. 

8. SEO Writing


There is no doubt in the statement that freelance SEO writers will have a brighter career in their life. Any website owner in this industry needs efficient SEO writers for their business websites. This niche covers all the landing pages and website content and owns the blog posts. Even sales pages also need SEO writing.

In this type of freelance writing, one has to write the content by following all the necessary SEO guidelines. If any employer wants to get their content rank on Google, they have to hire a freelance writer who is an expert in this field.

9. Copy Writing

If you are a freelance writer and love to draft creative content, this job is the perfect match for creative writers like you. There are no business writing jobs that do not include copywriting. When you work as a copywriter in the freelancing industry, your words play a crucial role in the sales and profit of your client’s business because this category depends on the selling concept. You have to draft the content using your creative skills to make it more appealing and engaging for the readers.

Winding Up

From the above-discussed points, it is clear that there is not only one niche in freelance business writing. If you wish to make your career as a writer in the freelancing industry, then there are multiple career options for you to pursue. You can select any niche according to your convenience. It is also better for you to take the experience of most of the job roles if you want to hike your price and wish to get the best-paid projects in your hands.

In this journey of doing online freelance jobs, you will get work experience, and your writing skills will also get enhanced along with earning a good amount of money.